Still Lively – Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Members of the Still lively group at WAG continued to meet independently to draw throughout the summer. We have now started back and it’s very pleasing to have such a good turn out! We welcome back lots of people and are delighted to meet the new people joining us.

Sadly this term we say goodbye to Tom Jones but look forward to seeing him as part of the exhibition programme. The next block of sessions will mainly focus on self directed drawing in the Galleries with support and encouragement from Sam Hale.

Sam will also lead some drawing activities , last weeks ‘Hands Up’ was all about us getting back into our drawing using our own hands as our subjects. After a series of quick draw activities we went into the galleries in search of hand images to draw.

New for this term….

  • Lunchtime 10 minute Gallery talks- free and no need to book.
  • Behind the scenes… Framing has begun at WAG in preparation for the Journeys Exhibition- the work looks fantastic. The team are busy working on the interpretation panels and brochure to accompany the exhibition.

Still Lively sessions – Choices Housing: Maywood and Chasewood

Still Lively sessions continue to take place in Choices Housing settings; Maywood and Chasewood. Here are some images from the most recent sessions with artists Jim Morris and Kim Fuller.

A tenant at Maywood creates her ‘landscape-story’ picture using aerial photographs and museum artefacts as prompts:

Photographer Ming de Nasty takes the portrait of a Maywood tenant, along with her favourite work from the Still Lively sessions:


A tenant at Chasewood creates her ‘landscape-story’ picture using museum artefacts as prompts:


A tenant at Chasewood creates his ‘landscape-story’ picture using aerial photographs and museum artefacts as prompts:


WAG update

We are delighted to say that people are taking up the invitation to come along and draw at WAG on Wednesdays during our summer break.

We officially reconvene on Wednesdays September 5th with a writing workshop led by Jacqui Rowe.

Work continues behind the scenes to prepare for our exhibition which will open to the Public on October the 20th. We are putting the finishing touches to the programme of activities which will happen on Wednesdays during the Journeys Exhibition.

Still Lively @ WAG in the Autumn

The Drawing Club will continue on Wednesdays 10.30-1pm and 2-4pm led by Sam Hale:
• Each session will focus on self – directed drawing with support and encouragement.
• Each block will include one or more workshops which is artist led. The aim of these workshops is to provide participants with a sense of direction/inspiration and/or to profile art works from the collection/exhibitions.
• Workshops to take place in education spaces and galleries.
• Easels, drawing boards, clip boards and chairs available.
• Simple refreshments and materials provided.
• Booking and payment of £3 per session at Gallery Box Office. Please book to ensure your place.
• On Wednesdays during the exhibition there will be a programme of activities linked to the exhibition to include a creative writing workshop with Dave Reeves and inspiration/ in the spotlight workshops with Jim Morris and Tom Jones.
Block 1
September 5th – Writing Workshop with Jacqui Rowe + drawing with Sam
September 12th – Drawing
September 19th – Drawing
September 26th – Drawing
October 3rd – Drawing
October 10th – Drawing
October 17th – Drawing
(October 20th Still Lively Exhibition Opens)
October 24th – Drawing/exhibition
Block 2
November 7th – Drawing /exhibition
November 14th – Drawing /exhibition
November 21st – Drawing /exhibition
November 28th – Drawing /exhibition
December 5th – Drawing /exhibition
December 12th – Drawing /exhibition
(December 15th Exhibition Closes)

Still Lively @ Maywood and Chasewood

The tenants responded enthusiastically to the invitation to create ‘Reflected Landscape’ images from their imagination/memory.
Starting their drawings using pencil, the tenants added colour using a mixture of ‘Ferby’ pencil crayon, watercolour pencil and felt pens.

One tenant had taken her artwork from the previous session – ‘a View from the Train Window’ – on holiday with her to complete:


WAG – Change Stories

We have had some more lovely stories from participants taking part in the Still Lively sessions at Wolverhampton Art Gallery:

“My husband has always been imaginative and creative but something has happened to him during this project , it’s as if the bars have come down. He’s still working on the same subjects but he’s faster and so much freer in his his work. His drawings on holiday are fantastic. Whatever happened is carrying on.”

” When I first came to the Gallery i found it all a bit dry and didn’t feel very inspired by the work on display. Now it’s really interesting, vibrant and exciting- I could spend weeks working from these pieces( In the Contemporary ). At first i thought it was the gallery that had changed but I’ve come to the realisation that it’s me- I’ve changed.”