Still Lively @ Maywood and Chasewood

The tenants responded enthusiastically to the invitation to create ‘Reflected Landscape’ images from their imagination/memory.
Starting their drawings using pencil, the tenants added colour using a mixture of ‘Ferby’ pencil crayon, watercolour pencil and felt pens.

One tenant had taken her artwork from the previous session – ‘a View from the Train Window’ – on holiday with her to complete:


WAG – Change Stories

We have had some more lovely stories from participants taking part in the Still Lively sessions at Wolverhampton Art Gallery:

“My husband has always been imaginative and creative but something has happened to him during this project , it’s as if the bars have come down. He’s still working on the same subjects but he’s faster and so much freer in his his work. His drawings on holiday are fantastic. Whatever happened is carrying on.”

” When I first came to the Gallery i found it all a bit dry and didn’t feel very inspired by the work on display. Now it’s really interesting, vibrant and exciting- I could spend weeks working from these pieces( In the Contemporary ). At first i thought it was the gallery that had changed but I’ve come to the realisation that it’s me- I’ve changed.”

Still Lively @ Choices Housing

Still Lively members at Beechwood in Staffordshire enjoyed a ‘dramatic’ visit from their neighbouring theatre, The New Vic. New Vic hosts a company called Ages and Stages, a drama group especially for people aged 55 plus. The company led Beechwood tenants in a drama workshop, exploring improvisation techniques and storytelling. Several participants enjoyed it so much they’ve decided to head for the stage too…!

Still Lively @ WAG

The very popular sessions at Wolverhampton continue to go from strength to strength with diverse and really very interesting work being produced by both the morning and afternoon groups. The concertina journals reveal the creative journeys in all kinds of ways.

The main focus of the sessions is independent drawing in the gallery spaces with support and encouragement from Sam and Tom. We’re also busy with the very difficult task of selecting work for the Still Lively Exhibition which is due to open in October. Ming D’Nasty is joining us at the gallery this week to photograph work that participants have chosen for the exhibition showreel, she’s also taken portraits of some of the group alongside items from the collections which have informed their drawings.
Although we’re not formally meeting during July and August over 55’s are most welcome to come along to the gallery on Wednesdays and draw.


Choices Housing – workshops

Still Lively sessions at Maywood and Chasewood have started up again after a gap of a number of weeks. During the break some tenants continued meeting every week! The tenants created Landscape images inspired by the work of artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Tenants created work by drawing a simple landscape, drawing concentric lines around the features until the paper is filled with concentric lines like ‘ripples’, and then add colour to your design! You can find more information about the idea on artist, Jim Morris’s blog:

WAG – Still Lively art sessions

The Still Lively morning group continues to go from strength to strength with around 20 people attending on a regular basis. As people grow in confidence they are continuing to develop work which is very diverse and surprising. As the weeks go on we are spending more time in the Galleries and the work is almost completely self directed.

We begin most sessions with an opportunity to look at the concertina drawing books which are evolving and are certainly a valuable way of capturing each persons creative journey.

At lunchtime the invitation to drop in and draw in the gallery has been met with approval from visitors. It is wonderful to see Wolverhampton Art Gallery filled with visitors aged 55+ feeling a confident sense of ownership of this great public space.


Our new afternoon group is also proving to be extremely popular. The emphasis is very firmly on drawing as making marks with meaning.